How to Improve Google Core Web Vitals?

What are Google Core Web Vitals ?

Google Core Web Vitals are an important factor for the overall user experience on the website. Google Core Web Vitals are based on the factor of Page Speed, User Interaction, Largest contentful paint (LCP), First Input Delay, and Cumulative layout shift.

In order to Improve Google Core Web Vitals Need to do the following essential things

  • Upgrade your hosting
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Safe Browsing (Malware free)
  • Remove any unnecessarily third party scripts
  • Set up lazy loading
  • Remove large page elements
  • Use a browser cache

Upgrade your hosting

Most of the time speed is related to your hosting, whether you are using the better host or not. If you are running a site on a WordPress, I personally like to recommend following hosting

  • Kinsta
  • WP Engine
  • Cloudways

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